Not symbol over a boolean not gate.
Logic, Double Negation

Artists Statement

I utilize electronic, traditional and mixed media in my work to comment on the impact of digital and mass media (and its inherently abbreviated message) on our lives.

My "Logic” series of mixed-media images juxtaposes boolean logic symbols and the word "Logic" set in different languages, with images of nature, a reference to “nurture vs. nature” and how language shapes thought. Boolean logic gates are the fundamental schematic building blocks of computer logic.

Brief Bio

Jason Challas is a mixed/digital media artist currently living in Seattle WA. Jason received his MFA in Computers in Fine Art from San José State University (CA) in 1996, working in the CADRE labs for new media. He has exhibited print, video, installation, and small sculptural works nationally and curated several international group exhibitions for ISEA 2006 and CHI 2016.

Jason has worked for American Graphic Solutions, Capitol Color, and the Creative Services Group at Adobe Systems. He is a past board member of WORKS/San Jose gallery and has taught at various colleges and universities in northern California including Santa Clara University, Monterey Peninsula College, San Jose City College, and West Valley College in Saratoga, where he is a full-time instructor of art and animation.